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Jan 20 2012

Is Google Search Plus Your World a Threat to Twitter and Facebook Success?

Google Launches 'Search Plus Your World'

Search plus your worldEveryone knows that Google has joined social media giants Facebook and Twitter by launching its own social network, Google+.

In addition to the growing popularity that Google’s new social network is enjoying, Google has decided to launch powerful changes to its social search functionality. These changes will allow Google to integrate Google+ listings, into regular search results...

Jan 04 2012

Social Media Myths

Understanding Common Misconceptions About Social Media

Understanding common questions about social mediaCall it what you may but it appears like social media is here to stay. There is currently such a strong wave of social media that seems to have gotten hold of a whole generation and it simply looks like you are either in or out. You can very easily understand the reason why so many people are afraid of joining the bandwagon; it’s a new field of operation and many are simply afraid of the unknown. Especially for companies it really looks like a plunge into the unknown deep sea. The truth of the matter is that whereas some people and institutions are afraid of whether or not to enter, other companies and most of their customers are already in there and it’s the new frontier for doing business....

Dec 30 2011

Picking the Right Wordpress Theme for Your Blog

Your Wordpress Theme is the First Thing Your Visitors Will See

Picking the right Wordpress theme is an important decisionWhen it comes to creating your own Wordpress blog one of the most time consuming processes for many people is picking the theme that you want. A theme says a lot not only about your blog but it also says a lot about you and as a reflection of you, a theme can be a very important aspect of your new blog. The theme of your new Wordpress blog is not only a reflection of you but it is also what is going to initially draw your readers in to your blog. As the first thing that your blog readers are going to see, your Wordpress theme should be simple but eye catching enough to pull visitors to your site in and make them want to read more. The thing about Wordpress themes; however, is that there are just so many choices that a new comer to the blog front can easily become quickly overwhelmed, but there are plenty of helpful tips that can set you on a fast track to picking a Wordpress blog theme that will both leave you happy and keep your readers coming back....

Nov 16 2011

Search Google with Images

Drag and Drop Images into the Google Search Bar

Just released - you can search Google by using images. Try it out - simply visit and drag n drop an image into the search bar. Voila, you'll see a listing of relevant searches based on the image's alt tag (alternative text tag)....

Nov 16 2011

How to use Social Media to Increase Traffic to your Website

Increasing Your Website Traffic By Utilizing Social Media Sites

Social media word cloudAny experienced Internet guru will tell you that when it comes to websites there is one thing that matters above all else and that thing is traffic. Traffic is king. Thinking about it outside of the boundaries of the Internet the same rule applies with slight modifications, after all what would the local grocery store be without its traffic (people)? What would the mall be without its traffic (people)? We explore the various social media outlets available to you and show you how to use them most effectively to grow your online presence and send business back to your website....

Jul 29 2011

A Review of Google's Page Speed Service

What is Google's Page Speed Service, And Does it Work?

Page Speed Service - Make Your Web Pages FasterGoogle has just launched a new, and somewhat controversial service that offers to speed up your web pages (for a fee). How does it work? Your pages are fed through a Google server, where algorithms are applied that actually modify your web pages, making their more efficient and faster. Then, the pages are served in optimized form to users that find your pages via

Jul 28 2011

Free Social Media Buttons for your Website

Adding Social Media Buttons to Your Site

Social Media ButtonsWhat's so great about social media buttons? Besides the fact that they can be a great source of traffic and spreading the word on your pages, they're free. In this article, we're going to show you not only how and why to add social media buttons to your site (like you see to the left of this article), but how to get them to float up and down with the page so your readers always have easy access to them....

Feb 01 2011

Choosing a Domain Name

Finding the Right Domain Name for Your Business

Selecting a domain name is the first step in getting your business online. And because of the way domain names are treated by search engines, it's a very important first move. You want to take your time selecting your domain name so you don't have to go back and choose an alternative down the road and go through the lengthy process of redirecting website pages that search engines have already indexed...

Dec 30 2010

Common Domain Name Prefixes and Suffixes

Can't Get The Domain Name You Want?

I'm sure that if you've ever tried to purchase a domain name, you've run into the problem of it not being available. Unfortunately, since the late 90's, the prices of domain registrations have come down so far (from over $100/ year to below $10/ year) that it has enticed "squatters" to buy names they think they might be able to sell for a buck down the road....

Dec 21 2010

FourSquare with Photos and Comments

FourSquare with Photos

We're actually surprised it took FourSquare this long to latch on to this idea. They're now offering the ability for users to attach both photos and comments when they check in....